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We are a unique foundation,

whose aim is complex, not only financial support for talented students and recent graduates, especially in biotechnology, gene therapy and regenerative medicine. We want to simplify and accelerate this challenging journey for today's talents - the future leaders of top scientific disciplines and achieve sooner the fruits of scientific progress with an impact on human and animal health.

Unlike traditional

non-profit organizations only looking for someone to donate funds, our goal is to build a true relationship with partners who care about the fate of this planet and life on it. Young scientists need more than just funding. If you share our vision and want to get more information or to directly discuss possible future cooperation, please contact us.

As a registered charity

we issue certificates of monetary and non-monetary donations that can be deducted from the tax base. This benefit is available to individuals and businesses alike, not only in the Czech Republic but also from abroad. Do not hesitate to ask us, we will help you with tax optimization and structuring contribution according to your situation in a suitable timeframe. We encourage you to state your support goals so that we allocate the resources in a very specific way. We will regularly inform you about what PARTICULAR impact your support has brought, and what successes have been achieved. We will also invite you to presentations of results of research projects as well as prestigious "VIP-only" events.

All philanthropists

can expect to be offered valuable acknowledgments in the form of benefits package and attractive gifts that are unprecedented in the nonprofit sector! For particularly beneficial partners we can negotiate e.g. an honorary membership in the Council of European Professors. If you have an idea for a project that would be desirable to support, we would love to hear it.

To give is the highest display of power


We prefer

to get to know our sponsors because we perceive them as partners. We like to discuss the aim and goal of the support and its best direction. But if you for any reason prefer anonymity or would like to give only a symbolic contribution, we have a solution. We keep pace with the times, therefore, you can send us Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash or Monero. Even a fraction of what you mine.

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